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Ed Wedding

ED WEDDING’s martial arts experience is vast. Training for almost 25 years, he started in Shotokan Karate at the age of 10 in Toledo, OH and then briefly Tae Kwon Do at age 13. He then left martial arts through high school and upon graduating, took up American Kenpo. Feeling that Kenpo lacked enough realism, he researched other martial arts through Bruce Lee’s “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” (JKD) and Dan Inosanto’s many books relating to JKD. Consequently, he relocated to L.A. to study with some of the greats of that time in Muay Thai/Boxing, Kali (eskrima/arnis), grappling, and JKD at the IMB Academy in Torrance. Training there for 10 years, he left in search of further knowledge. He continued training at RAW gym (later became R-1) in El Segundo, one of the first “MMA” gyms in America, from 2001-2008 with high level Division 1 wrestlers such as Rico Chiaparelli, Frank Trigg, and Vladamir Matyshenko (both UFC fighters also). He is a certified Kru in Muay Thai under Kru Vut Kamnark, and the UWMTA (United World Muay Thai Association). He has a 17-1 Muay Thai Fight record. He has fought MMA in the Shooto Wrestling Association in Japan and in the WEC (before it was bought by the UFC). He has multiple winnings in smaller scale local jiu-jitsu tournaments in both the blue and purple belt divisions. He has taught seminars for the Schwerin Police Force in Germany, for Acapulco Police in Mexico, and teaches women’s self-defense tactics at the U.S. Air Force in El Segundo and San Pedro. He is also an instructor in Eskrima (Filipino Weaponry). He currently trains BJJ with Nino Schembri.

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