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Preston Kern

PRESTON KERN, 28, grew up overweight as a child and played offensive line for 4 years in high school football. After his freshman year in college, Preston started focusing on his fitness and lost over 30 lbs during the summer by sticking to a running routine and lifting weights at his local gym. During his senior year he first got into kickboxing by practicing at a local muay thai dojo. In 2009, Preston joined his first crossfit gym in San Francisco and has been hooked ever since. “When I first started I could barely do 2 pull ups in a row, now I can do a workout like Angie or Murph (which involve over 100 pull ups) in 20-30 mins”. In 2010, Preston moved down to LA for a new job and found Alliance as his new crossfit gym, and has been a consistent member of the gym ever since. He found that by adding the strike fit bag class to his crossfit workout routine, he was able to increase his cardio endurance to a whole new level. His passion for strike fit grew and he became a certified trainer in 2012.

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