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Refer A Friend - 150 Amazon Card

Win $150 Amazon Gift Card by Referring Friends to Alliance!

What would you buy with a $150 Amazon Gift Card? Boxing gloves, Sparring Gear, Wrist Wraps to help you PR your next WOD? Well, throughout the month of April, you can qualify to WIN a $150 Amazon Gift Card just by referring your friends to Alliance Culver City! Your friends don’t have to sign-up, they just […]

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Alliance Krav Maga & CrossFit - Warrior 100 ProgramAlliance Krav Maga & CrossFit - Warrior 100 Program

Warrior 100 Program

Now Announcing our new WARRIOR 100 Program! If you take 100 classes during the 2016 calendar year, you’ll receive a WARRIOR 100 t-shirt and be invited to a cocktail party paid for by Alliance!! Check out the full schedule of classes… Only fine print is you must attend at least 2 classes each of our three […]

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Alliance Krav Maga & Peace - John Whitman's Blog

John Whitman’s Blog: Krav Maga and Peace

Most Krav Maga enthusiasts know one of Imi Lichtenfeld’s most famous sayings: “…So that one may walk in peace.” It comes from a creed that Black Belts traditionally recited upon being promoted. This famous Krav Maga phrase is mirrored in the famous Latin motto Si vis pacem, para bellum (“If you want peace, prepare for […]

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Alliance Krav Maga T-Shirts

New Krav Maga Shirts Are In!

We just received a new batch of Krav Maga shirts! They’re available at the front of the gym. These usually sell out quickly, and are brand new awesome designs, so grab ’em while we got ’em! Then, don’t forget to wear your stylishly awesome new shirts in your Krav Maga classes…and when you’re shopping or […]

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Alliance - Member of the Month - March 2016 - Shai Nadborny

Member of the Month – March 2016

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for March, 2016: Shai Nadborny! Shai is always super-friendly, and has been coming here to Alliance Krav Maga CrossFit for 4 years now. You can see him 2 or 3 times a week at StrikeFit classes, and a few Krav Maga as well! Give him a High Five and […]

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