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7 Simple Reasons to Compete

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, stepping into the ring for the first time, or stuck on the fence wistfully eyeing that registration form – this blog elucidates seven reasons to compete. The Reasons: 1)     Goal Setting. The goals we set are waypoints anchoring us to our chosen path through life. Goals can be tricky though. While it’s […]

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Alliance Welcomes Back The BodySpec Truck – Sat Sept 13th

The BodySpec Team joins us once again for the kick-off of the Fall Whole Life Challenge (Sept 13th – Nov 8th). Register for your scan at Scale-weight; what’s in a number? Repeated bodyweight measures are dubious at best. That bathroom scale indicates the sum total of bone, muscle, water, and fat. Water retention may fluctuate several […]

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The Whole Life Challenge [WLC] is starting again!

Alliance Whole Life Challenge – Fall Sept 13 – Nov 8

The Whole Life Challenge is a 55 day health and fitness game were you will take a 10,000ft view of your whole life in relationship to your commitment to health and well-being. You will take on your nutrition, workouts, daily habits and most importantly – your personal beliefs about what is possible for you. The […]

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Inaugural Weightlifting Meet

We are hosting a Weightlifting workshop and competition.

Experience what an Olympic Weightlifting meet is like.  Learn about competitor weight, gender, and age classifications and find out which category you fall under.  We’ll teach you warm-up strategies for competition day and prepare you for a PR (personal record) attempt! Read more


Krav Maga Los Angeles Free Introductory Class – July 19, 2014

Join us for a FREE Krav Maga introductory class on Saturday, July 19, from 1:00 to 3:00pm.  You can register here. Learn self defense and increase your self confidence.  No one wants to be confronted with violence, but everyone should know how to protect themselves. Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense gives you the tools you […]

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