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Member of the Month – February 2017

Posted on February 15, 2017 by John Whitman

Sebastian, one of our Little Warriors, is 8 years old. He and his brother Noah have been a member since Oct 2016. Sebastian’s favorite technique is the forward roll, even if he hasn’t completely mastered it. He enjoys the Little Warriors program, because he learns new stuff each class, including the games they play each class (such as touching shoulders/knees and all the other games). Sebastian and Noah usually attend all three weekly classes (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). They also attend all 3 “testing” dates. The only time they miss class is when their dad has a busy schedule and cannot take them to class.

Sebastian is one of our most dedicated Little Warriors! Sebastian and big brother Noah are relatively new to Krav Maga, but they’ve made a strong impression her at Alliance.  His favorite KM technique is the forward roll, and he’s working hard to master it!  Congratulations Sebastian!

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